Rossendale United Junior Football Club Return To Competitive Football Action Plan

Pack Contains 6 documents:

1) FA Covid 19 Guidance on restarting football guide
Version 1.8  –  Published 11 May 2021

2) RUJFC Risk assessment for resumption of playing competitive football 

Version 1.6  –  Published 19 May 2021

3) Risk assessment for playing matches at The Glen 

Version 1.4  –  Published 19 May 2021

4) Risk assessment the for return to training at the Valley Academy (Fearns)

Published 19 May 2021

5) Guide to first aid

Version 1.4  –  Published 11 May 2021

6) Away Team Guide to The Glen

Version 1.4  –  Published 19 May 2021

In order to carry out our risk assessment we considered 5 questions;

1.Identify the Hazards

We consider that the government/FA guidelines (Covid 19-guidance on restarting football V1.8 published 11th May 2021) sufficiently cover this so we will include these documents in our risk assessment pack.

2.Decide who might be harmed and when.

Again we refer to the guidelines but our decision would be all attendees at the coaches, players, parents and carers and official observers. This would be during the match which begins and ends with entry and exit to and from the venue.

3.Evaluate the risks and decide on precautions.

Again, the guidelines cover a lot of the risks and precautions to take.
So far we have referred several times to the guidelines and therefore anyone and everyone involved in the resumption of playing must be fully conversant with the content of the appropriate document (coach, player and parent/carer).
We will ensure that all coaches and managers are given copies of the guidelines and they acknowledge receipt, understanding and commitment to comply.
We will ensure that all parents and carers are given copies of the guidelines and they acknowledge receipt, understanding, commitment to comply and have explained the meaning of the guidelines to their child. Consent to play, or not, must accompany the acknowledgement.
If acknowledgement is not returned neither the coach nor the player will be allowed to play.

A register will be kept for all matches to include all of RUJFC attendees plus contact details of each visiting teams.
FA/NHS QR codes will be on display at matches and training to assist with track and trace.
Matches need to be properly planned with social distancing in mind when the game is not in play ie before, half time and full time. All matches must comply with the guidelines and social distancing should still be used when not in a game.

Players should bring their own marked drinks bottle and hand sanitiser.
They must not wear anyone else’s kit.
Managers and coaches should arrive early and be set up and ready when the players arrive.
In the event of a player needing treatment the first aider for the team may treat the player but must wear PPE as supplied by the club. We can only treat players from our own team unless in a life or death situation.

Any breaches or situations need to be reported to the club Covid 19 officer. (Brian Johnston 07720894916).

4.Record findings and conclusions of this report.

Minor adjustments made to operations at The Glen to make access better for pedestrians accessing via the cabins.
Sections taped off at the top of top car park to encourage pedestrians to access past checkpoints.

Sanitiser table added to the access gate from Waterfoot side to capture walking visitors. Volunteers are now in radio contact and are identified with hi viz vests.
Covid officer also visible.
NHS/QR codes are now present at our venues to help NHS tracing.

1st aid can only be administered by coaches wearing level 2 PPE as per first aid guidelines.
Remove temperature checks from risk assessment form 13th April due to lack of volunteers. Parent are now to self check them and players before attendance at matches and training sessions.

5.Review and update this assessment if necessary (if guidelines change or additions or changes are made due to experience).
Members of the committee will carry out spot checks on matches to offer support to the coaches, players and parents/guardians and review the clubs procedures.

Derek Boyden Chairman

Clare Pickup Welfare Officer

Mark Horsfield Coaching Officer

Brian Johnston ELFA Secretary